Cloud Analytics

Optimize Cost on Cloud’s Cloud Analytics solution provides you Unified Cloud Management Platform which help you to visualize, report, forecast and optimize your investments across multiple public clouds service providers. Cloud Analytics provides customized usage and cost information, from summary reports for business and finance teams down to details on individual instances for technical users.

Cloud Optimization & Analytic Services

Cloud Analytics provides complete visibility into cloud usage and costs for all your public cloud deployments across all service providers. It provides complete overview of trends by month, week, day, and hour. You can dive deep into all your investments by application, department, team, or even down to individual VMs.

With Cloud Analytics, you can:

Gain deep insight into cloud spend by projects & internal departments.
Drill down on cloud costs for each application to understand capacity trends.
Explore seasonal patterns or changes in usage triggered by specific events.
Create customized dashboards as per your business needs.

Get deep insights of your investment with detailed scheduled reports

In the cloud based services model entire cost is an opex & variable cost, controlling costs requires frequent, automated reporting. Automated & scheduled reports to show users their latest cloud usage and costs. You can leverage chargeback reports to allocate costs to the appropriate project or business units for chargeback or cost allocation.

With Cloud Analytics service you can:

Gain a comprehensive view of cost over time with actual and amortized reports
Stay on top of expiring services or pricing plans
Generate scheduled reports for monthly and annual spend projections
Keep track of deployment glitches with customizable spend and usage alerts
Export consolidated or individual reports for specific accounts
Create separate P&L reports based on individual services for better chargeback.

Do near accurate prediction of your cloud spend with forecast analysis

Successfully management of your cloud costs needs an accurate analysis of the future costs considering growing business workloads. With our Cloud Analytics tool, you can easily forecast cloud costs based on historical trends, current usage and future growth.

Cloud forecast analytics Service help you to:

Forecast usage growth for current applications and create budgets for prospective cloud applications.
Create realistic budgets for each project or department.
Build competitive scenarios to evaluate different cloud service providers, instance types, and purchase options.

Optimize Your Cloud Spend and achieve better TCO

The variable opex based cost model of cloud computing introduces different avenues for savings costs, However it also requires entirely new approaches to minimize waste and optimize spend and achieve better TCO for cloud. Users often overprovision capacity or forget to remove unused of temporary resources.

With Cloud optimization service you can:

Determine when to use On-demand vs. Reserved pricing plans for cloud virtual server or storage services.
Simulate “what-if” usage and pricing scenarios for better capacity planning
Identify unused reservations and opportunities for relocation or modification
Eliminate unattached storage volumes
View instances that can be downsized based on low CPU or memory usage
Compare service provider costs and performance with other comparable instances from different cloud service provider.
Proactively respond based on alerts generated when projected or actual costs exceed budgets.