DR as a Service

CloudProtect DR: Your ultimate destination for DR

It goes without saying that modern business relies on information technology and data is the backbone of business and therefore needs to be protected. So when downtime or disaster occurs; there should be an immediate recovery solution. Our DR Service recovers your data to multiple destinations like public cloud, private cloud, local storage etc. With a single and unified management platform you can back up and restore anything individual files, disks, or entire systems in minutes.


Configurable RPO & RTO

Avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in continuity.
Provide the basis for identifying and analyzing viable strategies for inclusion in the business continuity plan.

Push button recovery

Features that enable your users to repair their PCs quickly while preserving their data and important customizations.
This can help you satisfy support obligations with faster average resolution times and fewer resources.

Recovery Testing

Virtual failover capabilities enable DR testing without impact on business operations.
Prioritized audits allow unchanged objects to be audited for faster completion and more efficient use of resources.

Hybrid Recovery

Maintain a level of disk backup in your shop, but have an additional tier in the cloud.
Data and applications are replicated in real time to a recovery server.
Access to your recovery server is faster and uncomplicated.


Restore System

Restore entire system on to a different platforms be it different brand of servers or virtual machines.

Quick Recovery

Quick recovery without being worried about hardware compatibility issues.

Migrate Systems

Migrate Systems between physical and virtual platform easily.

Integrated Solution

Unified and integrated solution for servers and desktop backup and disaster recovery.

Restore Data

Restores data that was lost or damaged due to system failure or human error.

Don’t wait for disaster to hit- Act now!!

Though businesses are increasingly deciding their best disaster recovery plan in cloud which are cost effective and can be tailored as per company’s need. But it is also extremely important to verify the recoverability of cloud backups before disaster strikes. The most effective way to achieve this is through comprehensive testing that simulates different disaster recovery scenarios.